so very long….

Funny how life is…I was cleaning my computer this morning and I found a link…I had actually forgotten about this page…that I created it…I read the first couple of posts…(of which that is all there was) and I realized I how much I loved to write. The joy it gave me .


It was so long ago I write last and since then my life has changed and I have changed completely. I think , if possible, in the last 12 months I have actually come to know the real me…what I am …who I am …

I overcame a major disease …I learned the passion of music again…I learned first hand exactly whammy mom meant when she said…:I hope someday up have kids who torment you like this..then you will know…”

anyway…I am fairly alone in this…no one I know remembers this….no one I know will read…so I will use this as the outlet I need….perhaps in that …I can find my sanity and shake the depression..the theory I need





~ by Chris on January 25, 2015.

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