Right over here

So I have been trying to write music…this is my first attempt at a song/lyrics….

All I wish

every day

is to only be your friend

to see the joy in your face

to hear the laugh of your voice

in only just a call

I come home home

soaked in sweat

tired of everything

I wonder if you’d even care

if I didn’t  show at all


Oh my God

Cant you see me

right before your eyes

I am sitting just 5 feet across

wearing no disguise

I long for days

way since passed

when you called me dear

now your blind to who I was

right over here

I just want

just one day

to come home alive

to see you waiting

smile in hand

with nothing but a hi

I don’t ask for all that much

or so it seems to me

Just that you realize

all my smiles and jokes I tell

are holding back a cry


Don’t you know

I was waiting ,


only to be seen

all I  know is



is all its ever been


Oh My god

now you see

right before your eyes

I was sitting just 5 feet across

wearing no disguise

Now my presence is truly seen

perfectly clear

you look over where I once sat

right over here


~ by Chris on January 25, 2015.

One Response to “Right over here”

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