What a crazy crazy month this has been…but first..let me tell you what a pain in the ass doing a pod-cast has turned out to be! I just got a new Mac and have been playing with GarageBand to try and develop my first podcast and I am going frickin crazy..basically it will consist of an intro…4 songs…3 spoken sections…and an ending..totaling maybe 30 minutes….I am now on my 6th hour of developing!!!!…I am sure it gets easier..or maybe I am doing something completely whacked out and wrong…hahahah…anyway..when is up and loaded on I-Tunes will post the link here…will be the first time anyone will have heard me do any readings of my poetry….I was hoping to get that recorded while I still have this raspy congested voice thanks to a 2 week cold I had while in Kansas City working….

Now that Christmas is truly here…(has been hard to feel any sensation of it being so far away from home)…I an lucky enough now to start reflecting….and usually that is not good for me. Reflecting always takes you back in time…to places you remember so clearly is as if still alive and well. This is the 5th Christmas without my parents. Christmas will never be the same try as I may to recreate those days. Mom had a way of decorating that made you feel it inside…even though when I look at the pictures now I realize it was downright hideous how she decorated. The Christmas tree you actually could not see any of the tree through the bulbs, garland and the 200 pounds of silver icicles. In some home movies it actually looks like a triangle of aluminum foil standing there with it so bright the camera cant quite film it…but…in the end…I wish nothing more than to see that one more time

a short post…but…wanted to say Merry Christmas to my one reader..hahahah

and…one newbie for the holiday

I have been
creating this place
only you know
and I know
a place
worlds away
so close to home
so far from here
and we have nothing
we are sheltered
yet homeless
begging for food
a chance
to live
is all we want
so many people
diagnose us
remedy our ills
they cant know death
they cant know life
unless they have lived
hearts are black
charred beyond
all recognition
and they still
try to convince
they bleed
a brighter color than me
I prefer
to just
it die
this fight is beyond
what I have to give



~ by Chris on December 23, 2006.

One Response to “Onward”

  1. Merry Christmas to you Chris. Hope you have a good one…

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